• Your boy or girl is having a birthday party themed around Mickey Mouse. And what is more essencial in a theme party than centerpieces? Most people establish the theme of a party using only centerpieces. I hope you don’t make that mistake, but an even greater mistake is not using centerpieces at all.

    So, to help you let me give you ideas of centerpieces for your Mickey Mouse party!

    Free Mickey Mouse Party Centerpieces

    Nothing is really free, but let me start with “craftsy” ideas – you have to buy the supplies, but you’ll have fun making them and they may be cheaper than the ones suggested below!

    Mickey Mouse Fantasia Hats: you can buy pre-made blue mage hats and decorate them with stars and moons, or you can make one using blue card paper which you cut to form a cone and then draw the stars and moons using white chalk. Instead of centerpieces, you can also use this idea instead of ear headbands to decorate your guests.

    Mickey Mouse Fantasia Mountain Top: alternatively, still inspired in Fantasia but more expensive, you can get small mickey toys in the famous fantasia pose (which you can see in the picture). Then using paper you can build a small mountain top, cover it in green curled paper or home-made paper paste and and then put Mickey Mouse up there, like in the movie.

    Mickey Mouse Balloon Centerpiece: for this centerpiece you’ll need a Mickey Mouse ballon and papers of different colors. Put the papers sticking out of a jar, like flowers, and from the middle of them put the balloon.

    Balloon Centerpiece: a plain old balloon centerpiece can be made into a Mickey Mouse centerpiece by simply using Mickey Mouse balloons or balloons with the faces of Disney characters stamped.

    Buy Mickey Mouse Party Centerpieces

    Instead of making your own centerpieces, you can invest in the most important decoration piece and buy them. Here are the three best suggestions I found on Amazon:

    • The Best Centerpiecethis is in my opinion the best centerpiece. It is somewhat expensive, but in my opinion well worth the cost. It is a Mickey Mouse statue with 19″. In one of his hands Mickey can hold one of several symbols, including a birthday cake, meaning you can use it for many holidays.
    • Mickey Mouse Cookie Jar – this is one of my favorite centerpieces. You can load it with cookies and treats right in the party and then you’ll be able to use it in your daily life instead of just throwing it away.
    • Mickey Mouse Fantasia Toy – another Fantasia-inspired centerpiece, this time a toy your boy can use to have fun even after the party. It is, however, expensive.
    Do you have any ideas for centerpieces? Share them below!
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